Endorsements - 2016 Campaign

Letter to the Editor – John & DeLores Mayea

In my years of living in Curry County, I’ve seen many changes and have witnessed considerable history.

My Dad, Nick Marsh was a Curry Commissioner in the 50’s and my husband John was a Commissioner in the 80’s. I and my family will always appreciate their great traditions as highly principled public servants and committed leaders!

I see Court Boice as that kind of leader. I also support him for Commissioner because I know he cares about our people.

I know he cares deeply for our Country! I know he is concerned about our economy, he cares about our safety and is devoted to getting problems solved. He cares about our future and I am thoroughly convinced he wants to do his part in these important areas.

Let’s elect Court Boice, support him, even challenge him and then watch his dedication to us all in putting Curry County First!

- John & Delores, Port Orford OR -

Letter to the Editor – Ed Halcumb

Court Boice is running for County Commissioner. We have been life-time friends. We’re fortunate to have him willing to take on this huge effort. We know it isn’t going to be fun for any of the Commissioners as we’re faced with many serious problems. Court will understand what it is to be a Public Servant and if you know him as I do; you completely trust him.

I been trying to persuade Court to run for Curry County Commissioner for the past 20 years ago, but he has always declined. After considerable thought he decided last January; there weren’t any other options this time. Court knows Curry County and its citizens. He will commit energy and resolve to get it done and with integrity. He’s a leader, will focus on bringing people together and could care less about politics!

I’m urging everyone in Curry County to do their research and they’ll come to the same conclusion; Court Boice is low risk. Let’s hire him for four years!

- Ed Halcumb, Gold Beach -

Letter to the Editor – Don Flynn

It is with pleasure and honest gratitude that I learned that Court is running for the listed position with the Curry County Commissioners.

I have known Court as a good friend, the father of my son’s best friend, and trainer and employer for my part time position over the years while Paradise Lodge was under his ownership and direction.  I filled the positions of CBO and FSP at Paradise under court’s training and leadership.

During the time I have known him, in excess of 30 years, I have known Court to be an Honest, and very hard working individual, who follows the rules and conducts himself in an honest and straightforward manner.  He also has the ability to look at, and look for, new ways to make things operate in a more successful manner.

I believe that upgrading the standing of Curry County operations, and agencies, and finding ways for the county to function in a smoother and more public service oriented manner, will be his highest priority.  

I will, with pleasure, and anticipation of positive changes, cast my vote for Court Boice in this election.

- Don Flynn -

Letter to the Editor – Steve Braun

I am writing this letter to express my support for Court Boice, Candidate for Commissioner Position #3.

Court is a lifelong native of Curry County and is dedicated to the wellbeing of the County and its Citizens and has demonstrated that throughout the years as a Citizen, Businessman, and Taxpayer of Curry Country. I have known Court Boice since the early 70’s when he was a standout athlete at Gold Beach Union High School back when the rivalry amongst Curry County High Schools was “Game On” in the Old Sunset League. I remember Gold Beach’s old wooden green stadium literally shaking when the BHHS Bruin’s and GBHS Panther’s Football rivalry was in full swing! Sometime in the early 70’s my father was deputized by Courts dad, longtime Curry County Sheriff Allen Boice. Curry County during that era was pretty much the Wild Wild West. I remember many good conversations at the Boice families Paradise Lodge seeking to find the best solution for seemingly insurmountable challenges. I trust Court Boice implicitly to work to solve the financial problems of Curry County as well as bring decorum and respect to the Curry County Commissioners Board. Court Boice is the right Candidate to ensure Curry County is here for our kids and grandkids to enjoy.

Vote Court Boice, Curry County Commissioner, Position 3!

- Steve Braun, Brookings OR -

Letter to the Editor – Andy Martin

More so than any of the candidates for Curry County Commissioner, no one is more uniquely qualified than Court Boice. Court is from Curry County, and for decades has seen the challenges our communities face, as well as the opportunities and possibilities that can benefit its residents and rebuild our county government.

Court knows the history of our area better than anyone else running for commissioner. He has seen what has caused the decline in funding for local governments, and has presented clear ideas for growing our economy, and making Curry County prosper again.

Court’s vision for the county goes beyond the day-to-day management of county government. He is committed to improving the quality of life from Langlois and Port Orford to Gold Beach and Agness to the Brookings-Harbor area. His experiences in Salem, both as a member of the Oregon State Marine Board and as a legislative assistant for a state representative, will benefit everyone in Curry County.

Court Boice is not only my choice for county commissioner, he is the best choice.

- Andy Martin, Brookings OR -

Letter to the Editor – Dewey Hall

I’ve worked with Court Boice many, many hours either in operating a ‘cat’ or big tractor land clearing and logging. Court has been excellent ground crew. He works tirelessly, is fun, worries about his co-workers and is always [conscious] of safety. I’ve noticed he doesn’t shy away from any kind of jobs as I’ve seen him under buildings and working high in trees.

I know he would put that personality and energetic approach to work for our County. I’v voting for Court Boice, Curry County Commissioner, position 3. I hope you will vote for him too. Don’t hesitate to contact him if you have questions on how he would help lead our County. CourtBoice.org

- Dewey Hall, Sixes OR -

Letter to the Editor – Jeff Choate

I write this letter in support of Court Boice for Curry County Commissioner. I have known Court for over 20 years, having worked for him at Paradise Lodge the better part of 9 seasons. Court genuinely treated his guests, his staff, and his family with a tremendous amount of care and respect. Over the past 11 years, I have worked with Court for one week every winter at the Sweets’ Agness Ranch, which has given me a chance to become better acquainted with Court. I can honestly say I have an appreciation and admiration for Court’s strong character.

It is difficult to find good, honest people who are willing to serve publicly. Court Boice will dedicate himself to Curry County and will expect his constituents to hold him accountable. Court understands business and will work diligently to solve the problems facing Curry County. I know Court has a heart to always to the right thing.

- Jeff Choate, Marcola OR -

Letter to the Editor – A.W. Sweet

I knew Court Boice’s Grandfather, Allen Boice back in the 40’s. He was a good friend. I knew Court’s Father, Allen Boice, JR., for almost 70 years. He was the famous Curry County Sheriff throughout the 60’s and 70’s and likewise was a very good friend. I’ve known Court Boice since he was 16. He too of course is a good friend. All three of these Men loved their country, loved their families, and were very hard workers with wonderful people skills.

I’ve been on our fabulous Rogue River probably 30 times with Court between 1973 and last summer. As a Jet Boat Pilot and Wilderness Lodge Owner, he and his family have done a lot for our state.

Court loves the outdoors. He has had good results in managing our Agness ranch for nearly 11 years. He has become a good Orchardist and I don’t know if I’ve ever seen anyone better with a Chain Saw.

My friends in Curry County would do no better than to put Court to work serving and offering his best for their best interest.

- A. W. Sweet, North Bend OR -

Court Boice and John Dellenback

Court Boice in 1970 pictured with Mr. and Mrs. John Dellenback at the Congressman’s Washington, D.C. office.