Endorsements - 2016 Campaign

Buzz Gunning, Grants Pass

It has come to my attention that Court Boice is a candidate for Curry County Commissioner, and I’m writing this letter because In February 1997, Court Boice saved lives on Rogue River.

With the horrific weather conditions, the Rogue was raging at over 45,000 CFS, full of debris and extremely cold. Thank God Court was at Paradise Lodge on that Super Bowl Sunday or several lives would have been lost. He risked his life, not to mention an $80,000 boat to save 6 men from likely death and drowning. I was the only one that actually made it to shore, but would have struggled greatly to overcome the cold in that very remote portion of the Rogue Canyon. Court pulled each of my other 5 friends out of the water to safety, then quickly transported us to the Lodge where his staff had a wonderful roaring fire. We slowly thawed and actually watched the Super Bowl via the Paradise Lodge ‘Sat’ system!

He and his staff fed us dinner that night, put us up in a large cabin overnight and fed us breakfast the next morning and then took us out to our rafts which he and his crew had retrieved and tied off. He never once mentioned compensation for any of this. We later sent him a check, but it was quickly returned in the mail with a note to “come see us sometime”. For those who perhaps want to promote that Court Boice in his adult life hasn’t gained sufficient ‘volunteer’ service to qualify him to run for Curry County Commissioner; is simply laughable and ridiculous! He is a good, unselfish man who would, in my opinion, serve Curry County and its residents with sincere dedication. .

- Buzz Gunning -

Paul Donheffner, Former Director Oregon State Marine Board

I understand my friend Court Boice has filed for Curry County Commissioner. I’ve known Court since the late 70’s when I did research on Rogue River, a very special part of our State.  Court was and is a wonderful representative for your area.  He loves Oregon and especially Curry County.  The Governor appointed him to the Marine Board in 1996. He served with dedication and distinction, listening to all sides of issues and made many tough decisions. As a volunteer member, he missed only one meeting in eight years of service.

All of our Counties, especially rural ones, need people like Court who understand their communities and are willing to sacrifice their personal time.  I have no doubt he will be successful and find smart solutions for all those he’ll represent!  He knows how to work with and bring people together.  I witnessed this during his time as our Board Chairman. I have no doubt that he will provide great leadership in serving the citizens of Curry County.

- Paul Donheffner, Former Director Oregon State Marine Board -

Walt Schroeder, South Coast State Representative 1984-1993

I’ve known worked with and watched Court Boice for almost 50 years and have a great deal of respect for his integrity, his work ethic and his ability to facilitate groups to meet common goals.  He is a man of high principle and an undying love of Curry County.

Court was born of a highly respected Curry County Family and has spent most of his life working to improve life in this most beautiful corner of Oregon.  He knows its people as well as the unique natural beauty of its rivers, streams, ocean and cities.  He will work hard to represent all citizens of Curry County.

I urge you to support Court Boice for Curry County Commissioner.  Walt Schroeder
Coos-Curry State Representative 1985-1993

- Honorary Campaign Chairman -


Walt Schroeder – Honorary Campaign Chairman, Former Coos-Curry State Representative
Paul Donheffner – 32 Years, Oregon State Marine Board Director
Wayne Krieger – Curry County Former State Representative, District 1
Sal Esquivel – Jackson County Former State Representative, District 6
Karl Popoff – Gold Beach Mayor
David Itzen – Former Curry County Commissioner
Kelly Ross – Former Curry County Commissioner
Terry Hanscam – Former Curry County Commissioner
Bill Waddell – Former Curry County Commissioner
Lloyd Olds – Former Curry County Commissioner
John Ward – Curry County Sheriff
State Sheriffs’ Association
Kent Owens – Former Curry County Sheriff
Allen Boice, III – Former Curry County Sheriff
David Brock Smith – Oregon State Representative, District 1
Dallas Heard – Senator
Chris Boice – Douglas County Commissioner
Bev Clarno – Secretary of State

Letter to the Editor – Sheriff John Ward

I have known Court Boice for over 50 years and I have always known him to be a genuine and compassionate person who loves CmTy County. Comt Boice is running for County Commissioner and I fully support his candidacy. Curry County is experiencing and facing some very tuff financial times and we need commissioners who are not afraid to tackle the problem head on. I know Comt will do a great job and put his heart and soul into making the right choices for Curry County.

A county cannot survive without a strong committed county government and the current choices that have been made and are being made are tearing down the strength of our county and if we continue on this path we may not be able to recover. We need to tum the downward spiral effect around by supporting someone who is willing to make the right choices for Curry County.

I support Court Boice for Curry County Commissioner.

- Sheriff John Ward, Curry County -

Letter to the Editor – David Itzen

As we contemplate our vote for President of the U.S., the process of which seems to dominate the national media, we should not forget the very important election of County Commissioners who represent us here at home. I’m convinced that particularly this year, confronted with the economic and other challenges we all face in Curry County, that a selection of candidates ought to be made by individual merit rather than by party or ideology. For example, here in Harbor, the issue of salt in our drinking water is huge and a solution to this is overdue. Effective Commissioners can help to solve this problem. We need Commissioners that have shown skill in bringing together folks across party lines to solve problems. We need Commissioners that do not alienate staff but rather treat them with respect and forge them into effective teams working on our behalf. We need Commissioners that will not spend their time dallying with relatively meaningless issues but rather will work now to solve the larger critical problems facing us. We also need positive change at the County Commissioner level. For these reasons, I support the election of Ron Hedenskog and Court Boice to the office of County Commissioner. Ron and Court will work effectively on our behalf. I hope you will join me in voting for them.

- David Itzen -

Letter to the Editor – John and Bob Schroeder

A Good Man to Serve the People

As two men who grew up in Curry County, it is an honor and privilege for us to endorse Court Boice for County Commissioner. The Sally and Walt Schroeder family has known and deeply respected the Boice family since soon after we moved to Gold Beach in 1967. Court was first a high school athlete we looked up to as little boys and then a dear friend as the years passed. His decency, integrity, work ethic and friendliness have always been an inspiration to us. A finer citizen to put forward to serve the citizens of Curry County is hard for us to name. Court will be a County Commissioner worthy of respect.

- John and Bob Schroeder -

Letter to the Editor – Lloyd Olds

Curry County is in trouble, but help is coming. I’ve basically been a bit un-involved with County Politics this past 16 years.  During that time I have waited for someone to come
a long that I felt would make an excellent commissioner.  Now I’m energized and will vote for Court Boice, Position 3.  

I’m a Senior, Viet Nam Veteran and former Curry County Commissioner.  I believe that no one will work harder than Court nor be more effective for our Seniors and Veterans and our important issues.  Also as a local 'Judge', Needless to say, I knew how to sort out the real from the B.S.  Court Boice is real and genuine!

He has the history and ability to bring people together.  He will devote himself to uniting our County!  Court knows business and will bring that asset to our Board of Commissioners.  He has a diverse Southern Oregon background.  He will treat his fellow commissioners as team mates.  Court Boice has a tremendous list of friends, associates and knows elected officials in Salem and around Oregon to help us.  He has a great work ethic; is in excellent health, has the time and energy to fully commit.   

In my view, from the Winchuck to Langlois; No one running for his position knows the people in Curry County Better than him. I have no doubt he will make the tough calls and blunt politics and ego in putting Curry County first!  Please join me in supporting our best choice for Commissioner, Court Boice.  

Former Curry County Justice Court and Brookings Municipal Court Judge

- Lloyd Olds, Brookings OR -

Letter to the Editor – Cathy & John Schleining

Our family has known Court Boice and his family for over 35 years. This relationship began when we were rafters on the Lower Rogue River and would stay at Paradise Lodge. Court was the owner for over 27 years and when he was dealing with tremendous loss twelve years ago we ended up as the new owners of Paradise Lodge. This might have been a difficult transition for maintaining our
friendship, but Court was always a gentleman and helped us with a remarkably generous heart in the running of the lodge when we were new owners and throughout the last 12 years.

Court has been in my employ on and off for the last 12 years and he has been a loyal, trustworthy hard worker. He has tremendous integrity and has been willing to learn new ways of working with us over the years. I find him to be a good listener, self-reflective and capable of tackling new and different tasks that have not always been easy, and feel he would be a great asset as a county commissioner for Curry County. He has helped us navigate the government regulatory agencies that affect Paradise Lodge – no easy feat.

Most people know Court to be an exceedingly friendly ‘people’ person who has forgotten more about the Rogue River and surrounding area than any of us will ever learn or remember. He’s one of the most skilled river boat pilots on the water.

Court Boice would be a fine addition to the Curry County Commissioner Position 3. You simply cannot find anyone more trustworthy or honest, and that’s the type of person working in local government that we all wish we had more of.

- Cathy & John Schleining -

Letter to the Editor – Elane Pommarane

First, may I say thank you for making the space in your wonderful paper for our citizens to express their views and candidate preferences.

I am supporting Court Boice for Curry County Commissioner, Pos. 3. His family has been serving and working for Curry County since the mid-30’s. His Grandfather, Allen Sr. was a very effective County Commissioner here for 12 years and negotiated with the Government their obligation for timber receipts in rightfully contractually compensating our Oregon rural Counties. I worked with Court’s father Allen Boice, Jr. who was one of Oregon’s most famous and most loved Law men of all time. His mother, Meryl still volunteers tirelessly.

Court has a long standing business background employing many people. He raised his family in the beautiful, remote and roadless section of our Rogue River. He and his family handled more difficult and emergency situations than you could count while helping numerous people over the years.

Court sees his role as a leader in a critical time. He has the ability to get people involved, engaged and all better informed. He is no non-sense and can make tough decisions. Court has policies, core beliefs and traditional values we can trust to help our families, livelihoods and the futures of our children and grandchildren! He is a very sincere person. When you receive your ballot, I urge you to vote for Court Boice.

- Elane Pommarane, Gold Beach OR -